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Gvira Milworm


Gvira Milworm couples her keen insight and analytical abilities with her passion and emotional depth to create the partnerships and programs that help women in Israel succeed. 

Born in Peoria, Illinois, Gvira moved to Jerusalem’s Haredi center as a child. As a trailblazing woman in tech, Gvira cultivated a strong identity and reputation in the professional world. She has 15 years’ experience in systems analysis and project management as a hi-tech employee, paralleled by 10 years spent developing GMPStart, her own international technology consulting business. Gvira’s wide experience and unique perspective connects her with Temech’s partners, benefactors and beneficiaries. After a decade of volunteering her time, expertise and mentorship to women in the Temech community, Gvira joined Temech as CEO in 2019.  

Gvira’s motto is “Bring Process, People and Technology Together.”

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Rivky Cohen

COO and HR

In her operational role at Temech’s Jerusalem Hub, Rivky Cohen lives the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts – and yet you need all those parts to create the whole. From event pricing to system administration and networking, board communication to employee amenities, new hires to new locks on the doors… Rivky does it all with the big picture in mind. 

Rivky is a perpetual learner, committed to her own advancement (her most recent endeavor: a mediation and negotiation course) and the growth of others. Growth is built in to Rivky’s role at the Hub: the scope of issues and range of people she has worked with over her 10 years at Temech have honed her ability to look at life from many facets and perspectives. When not at the Hub, Rivky enjoys being with her five children, reading and immersing herself in music.

Ruty Cirota

Employment and Pre-Employment Program Coordinator 

Ruti Cirota helps women to succeed on their career path, designing programs that accompany them from completing their studies into the job search, through employment advancement and life changes. Ruty works in coordination with the Haredi seminaries and educational institutions, supplementing the “hard” vocational skills taught there with soft skills like communication, personal presentation and expression, time management and organization. Ruty has spearheaded multiple programs at Temech, including developing the highly successful Tech-Up course for programmers which she took from an informal volunteer experience to a comprehensive corporate internship from which participants land fantastic employed positions. 

Career changes at life’s junctions are also on Ruty’s radar, helping women use opportunities like maternity leave to figure out the best way to make the most of their abilities and move forward professionally. Ruty is a prime example herself: she was a sheitel macher for 25 years. While she often thought that she had other strengths and desired to use them, she was reluctant to leave a successful business. When Ruty did decide to make the leap seven years ago, Temech was fortunate enough to get her. Ruty is a mother of eight (including several who have been participants in Temech programs) and a grandmother of eight, who spends her non-Temech time satisfying her never-ending curiosity about the world by reading, learning and getting to know a variety of people. 

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Yaffa Busso

Self-Employment Program Coordinator

Yaffa Busso came to Temech after 11 years in community services, bringing all her experience and talents to bear on her current role managing communities of business women in different industries, niches and locales throughout Israel. In her three years at Temech, Yaffa has been involved in advancing Temech’s flagship networking groups, organizing the annual Temech conference and developing courses ranging from business basics to professional public speaking. Yaffa’s most recent focus is projects that bring business women together for cooperative efforts, creating immense potential for mutual gain with minimal monetary investment. 

Yaffa thrives on the energy that pulsates in Temech’s Jerusalem Hub and headquarters. With no two days ever the same, but all days characterized by thinking big and making dreams happen, Temech is the most fun and fulfilling workplace Yaffa can imagine. When she’s not at Temech, you can find Yaffa enjoying time with her five children, drawing and painting, and trying to learn something from everyone she meets. 

Yafi Weingarten

Self-Employment Program Secretary

Yafi Weingarten lives the truism that success is in the details. Yafi handles the day-to-day contact and coordination of Temech’s nationwide networking groups. She takes every inquiry from every potential program participant and gives her guidance and direction. Yafi works hand-in-hand with Program Coordinator Yaffa Busso on building programs that will meet the needs of the directed, motivated self-employed workforce.

Yafi came to Temech from a computer engineering background. She describes the fantastic people she gets to work with and the concrete impact she sees her work has on women and their families as the two top perks of working at Temech. Additionally, in a little over a year, she’s made an elegant merger of her knowledge sets, opening her own side business teaching women basic computer skills. After work, you can find her in her home in Jerusalem, chasing after her three boys.

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Rivky Goldhaber

Jerusalem Hub Secretary

“Secretary” may be her title, but it obscures the scope of Rivky’s role at the Jerusalem Hub. First of all, Rivky is the smiling face (and voice – you can hear her smile through the phone!) of Temech. She is the point person for registration, scheduling, purchasing and billing. She sets up the Jerusalem Hub for every event and puts it back together after all the participants have gone home. She is the A to Z maintenance person, making sure all equipment is in good working order. Rivky brings her graphic design background to bear on Temech’s communications and marketing materials. She really gets a boost out of learning on the fly, innovating and (sometimes) improvising.

While just seeing a project reach completion is fulfilling, Rivky also gains a deep sense of satisfaction from the calls and emails of participants who feel they benefitted from Temech’s events. When Rivky finally goes home to Beitar, she manages to eke out some time for photography and playing the organ.