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The Hub

Jerusalem Hub

Inaugurated in 2013, the Jerusalem Hub is part coworking space, part professional community, and part collaborative environment that inspires creativity, brainstorming and innovation. As our world becomes more connected and yet seemingly more isolated simultaneously, with people working from anywhere at any time, the Hub facilitates healthy work-life balance and boundaries while enabling invaluable interpersonal connections. The Hub is a centrally located, state-of-the-art business and training facility, offering workspaces, offices and conference rooms, kitchen facilities and a business library. In addition, subsidized coaching sessions, workshops and classes for business owners are offered onsite. 

Temech Conference

temech conference

From humble origins as a grassroots meetup for several dozen professional women, the Temech Conference has developed into an event hosting over 1000 women from across Israel, held in the largest corporate convention space available in the country. The conference is the address for Haredi professional women to meet, share experiences, and gain new perspectives, ideas and actionable tools. The Temech Conference offers parallel tracks in English and Hebrew, with programs featuring outstanding international lecturers alongside inspiring homegrown success stories. One of the most valuable aspects of the conference is the networking; participants have walked away with new partners, contracts, referrals and revenue streams!

Employment Readiness

Thousands of young women graduate Haredi post-high vocational schools annually. They have the hard skills they need to succeed, but lack the soft skills necessary to attain and retain an employed position in the workforce. Temech sponsors and manages employment readiness courses in tandem with the post-high school programs, giving lectures and workshops on resume preparation, interview skills, and how to present oneself and market skillsets while maintaining Haredi values. When a post-high school program wants to make the jump to offering an in-house employment readiness program, they often call on Temech to help them design the curriculum.  

An additional facet of Temech’s Employment Readiness program is the Job Search Club for women who are unemployed or seeking a new position. These practical workshops help women identify their employment strengths and transferable skills, develop their resumes and learn how to successfully present themselves at an interview.

TechUp Hi-tech programs


Temech’s technology programs are devoted to facilitating the successful entry of talented Haredi female programmers into the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem. The TechUp and inTurn internship programs give women with newly acquired developer skills that all-important first line on their resume, or that critical exposure to corporate tech employers. 

The TechUp codeathons and hackathons, organized within the Haredi post-high school vocational programs, give software development students an opportunity to get practical, hands-on development experience, taking everything they have learned in several years of study and applying it in a real-world environment. 

90% of women who participate in a Temech sponsored tech-based internship find a stable job in tech within six months of completing the program!

Kesharim networking

women meeting

The Kesharim networking groups are Temech’s flagship program for business development, enabling women to grow their businesses, networks and income. Thirty networking groups across Israel serve a gamut of professional needs, with a wide range of locations, niches, formats (in-person vs. Zoom) and languages (Hebrew, English and Yiddish). The groups facilitate valuable connections and simultaneously help each member focus on developing her business through speakers on business topics, a business curriculum, goal setting and accountability. 

During the Coronavirus crisis, Temech launched an intense “Communa” program, which built off the established networking program. 95% of the women who participated in the Communa program were able to maintain the viability of their business throughout the pandemic.

Temech also offers a private online forum which serves as a virtual networking group for thousands of professional Haredi women nationwide.


Freelance academy

Women who live on the geographic and social periphery have unique challenges, beyond those of the general Haredi community.  The periphery program reaches English speakers in Israel, women in Afula and Ofakim – those who would otherwise not have access to Temech programs.  Expert business advisors cover financial, logistic and practical aspects of business development,with a unique focus on overcoming challenges in their community, thereby putting women on a path of sustainable growth.