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Economic transformation for Haredi women, by Haredi women

The year is 2006.

67% of the Israeli Haredi world lives below the poverty line, struggling to put food on the table and generating an increasing welfare burden on the Israeli economy. Career options and professional training are limited for Haredi women, who are usually the primary breadwinners of their families. External attempts to change the status quo are met with resistance or suspicion by a community very protective of its values and lifestyle.

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Fast forward to 2021
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Temech’s innovative professional programs and resources are an appreciated, accepted and trusted part of the Haredi community. We partner with government bodies, local municipalities, Haredi post-high school educational institutions and major Israeli corporations to initiate change from within and open opportunities from without. 

76% of Haredi women are involved in the workforce.  Temech is widening opportunities for their advancement.  Our focus has moved from entering employment, to raising salaries and creating cultural sensitivity in the workplace. 

Fast forward to 2065

The Haredi community accounts for 33% of Israel’s population.

What does Israel’s economic strength look like?

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At Temech we believe in:
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Together we are building a shared agenda of a more prosperous, culturally diverse, a more prosperous and culturally diverse Israel where Haredi women can thrive. 

Our Board
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Avi Schron

Chairman of the Board, CEO, Cammebys

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Chavi Hertz

Board Member
Real Estate and Marketing Professional, Founder of Hertz Foundation

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Amir Jaffa

Board Member

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Jay Klein

Board Member

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Nathan Klein

Board Member

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Steve Rechnitz

Board Member, CEO TwinMed

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Joseph I. Rosenbaum

Board Member, President, Madison Commercial Real Estate Services

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Elliot Shindler

Board Member, CEO, GeriCare Pharmaceuticals

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David Simkowitz

Board Member, President & CEO, Simkowitz & Co

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Morris Wolfson

Board Member, CEO, Wolfson & Co

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Rabbi Shmuel Bloom

Founder, Liaison between Board and Amuta Board, , Dean of Ohr Lagolah

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Aviva Weiss

Founder and CEO of Fun and Function