Our Mission

Temech was established in 2006 with the mission to provide the financial, socioeconomic and professional tools needed to enable women who are religiously observant, to tap their inherent potential.

Temech aims to raise the employability and professional levels of women, thereby reducing poverty and dependence on social services and advancing long term economic sustainability.

Temech utilizes a variety of core services including recruitment, training, networking and consultancy. In addition to creating jobs for salaried employees, Temech's mission also focuses on enabling entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop their businesses, gain skills and, in turn create new income.

Working from the inside, under the guidance of trailblazing professional women in Israel, and in consultation with community leaders, Temech has spent the last ten years working as change agents that have created the cultural environment that has normalized the idea of the Orthodox woman in the professional workplace. Temech has trained and placed women from Haifa to Beersheva in companies such as Migdal Insurance, Intel and Amdocs.

Board of Directors

Temech’s Board of Directors is made up of dedicated individuals from many industries. Their professional expertise and passionate commitment helps to guide Temech’s many programs and initiatives.


Rabbi Shmuel Bloom

Founder, Board Liaison, CEO, Agudath Israel of America, Dean Ohr LaGolah, Keren HaShviis


Chavi Hertz

Board Member, Real Estate and Marketing Founder, Hertz Foundation


Nathan Klein

Board Member, CFO, RIK Enterprises


Robert Klein

Board Member, CEO, Safeguard Properties and RIK Enterprises


Anne Neuberger

Board Member, Chief Risk Officer of NSA


Steve Rechnitz

Board Member, CEO, TwinMed


Joseph I. Rosenbaum

Board Member, President, Madison Commercial Real Estate Services


Avi Schron

Chairman of the Board, Vice President, Cammebys


Eli Shindler

Board Member, CEO, GeriCare Pharmaceuticals


David Simkowitz

Board Member, President and CEO, Simkowitz & Co


Morris Wolfson

Board Member, Former CEO, Wolfson & Co

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated, all-female professional staff is the driving force behind the success of our programs.


Shaindy Babad



Ruthi Cirota

Coordinator, EBT and Advancement Programs


Rifky Cohen

Senior Admin
Accounts and HR


Nechami Fruchter

Jerusalem Hub


Miri Green

Coordinator, Special Projects and Community


Chavi Kenig

Program Assistant


Yaffi Klein

Program Assistant


Yael Zalz

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Programs


Racheli Zinger

Temech, Assistant


We are both grateful to and proud of our 200+ volunteers who are paying their success forward by serving as Temech volunteers.

What We Do

Temech is at the forefront of creating economic security for Israel’s Orthodox community. According to recent statistics, Ultra-Orthodox Jews accounted for 11% of the population of Israel in 2014, and this figure is expected to rise to 18% by 2034. Temech is widening the employment opportunities for women in the community and creating peer networks, mentorship, training and other opportunities to help advance those who need employment or already work. We are also working to build the infrastructure that will make our effort market and community driven.

Between its founding in 2006 and 2015, Temech has created more than 5,000 new jobs and created over 10,000 ripple jobs in multiple industries.
Among Temech’s Current Initiatives are:

Pre-employment training, intern programs and exposure to employment

Professional training and group placement in companies

Ongoing support, network and mentorship for employees and business women

Workshops and courses in a wide range of disciplines and locations to help women gain skills for employment and advancement

Professional Conferences for Women in Business and Employment Freelance academy

The Jerusalem Hub – the only all-female full service hub in Israel

Temech closely collaborates with organizations involved in employment in Israel. Partners include local municipalities, central government, the Jerusalem Development Authority and local organizations. Temech has collaborated with other organizations such as MATI, PresentTense and Maof which use the Temech platform to bring their programming to the Ultra-Orthodox community in partnership with Temech.

Visit Temech

It is impossible to describe with words alone the influence of Temech on Orthodox women in Israel with words alone. Come and see for yourself how women are changing their communities and impacting the Israeli work force.

Temech is a non-profit organization established in 2006 to enable Orthodox women in Israel to maximize their employment and entrepreneurship opportunities through practical training and supportive services. Temech operates under the blessing and guidance of Gedolei Hador with a spirit of social and spiritual responsibility and in accordance with Jewish tradition.
Temech provides a broad range of professional training and employment, entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities for Orthodox women in Israel, opening up career paths and enabling them to achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Temech offers over 30 educational courses and 20 professional development workshops in a wide range of disciplines for those seeking employment, and for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Temech also provides a forum for networking and mentorship.

Employment-Based Training (EBT) Program

Ready, Set, Earn!



Many of Temech’s courses are heavily subsidized and some are offered free of charge. Our goal is to conquer poverty, underemployment and under-representation of religious women in upwardly mobile positions.
Temech offers a host of programs to meet the needs of women in various stages of training, job search and business development.
Employers: Temech can help you identify and train quality employees, understand and adapt to the Israeli market and build sustainable employment programs, including understanding and accessing local grants, etc.
Women in search of jobs, training, advancement: Temech offers a range of programs for various skills levels, industries and geographic locations. Please reach out to Temech staff (see contact info) to hear more about current opportunities, join a mentor/networking group, participate in training, get a job or leadership workshop.
Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Temech’s JerusalemHub is the place to connect and build your business, freelance enterprise or launch your start up. Please reach out to us to hear more about current workshops, micro funding, accelerators, events and networking events in Jerusalem and around the country.
Temech also offers community building programming, conferences and is constantly updating the repertoire of programming. Stay in touch!
Temech runs preparatory courses in designated neighborhoods throughout Israel to help prepare women for specific job opportunities. Temech is not a school. Instead Temech offers pre-employment courses, on demand, around the country including: office skills, business skills English/Hebrew, Computer skills, Freelance skills, business building skills and more. Temech also builds specific, job focused training in a range of disciplines in partnership with the hiring process in companies.
The JerusalemHub is a state-of-the-art office and training center for religious women entrepreneurs, providing the requisite workspace and tools essential for building and running successful business ventures. The workspace provides a professional forum for working women, along with a library of resources and a host of business amenities. The JerusalemHub also serves as a platform for professional networking and individualized coaching sessions for business owners.
Temech was created exclusively by women and for women.
National Reach

Temech has produced a constructive effect on the entire Orthodox community of Israel. By generating employment prospects for women, Temech has positively impacted families throughout Israel. Each woman employed and each project created, produces a ripple effect of overall improvement to the economy of families and communities.

Temech recognizes that the only way to change stereotypes and overcome workplace stigmas is though enhanced education and creating alliances with prosperous industries. Through Temech’s efforts, many Israeli companies have come to recognize the advantages of hiring religious women, and are reaching out to Temech to provide qualified candidates for employment. Israel’s top companies have hired Temech graduates, including Microsoft, Intel, Amdocs, Comverse, Cellcom, Pelephone, Migdal and the Israel Electric Company.

Temech has established productive partnerships with many government departments, in an effort to further advance training and job opportunities for religious women. In particular, the Ministry of Economy collaborated with Temech, along with city mayors in Ashdod, Beitar, Bet Shemesh, Bnei Brak, Elad, Modiin Illit, Ofakim, Tifrach and Jerusalem. Many service organizations in Israel partner with Temech to further employment development, and bring their services to the Orthodox population.


Temech received support from the Joint Distribution Company (JDC), which provided women with access to government funded programs from 2008 to 2011. Temech managed the JDC’s Zofia program, which allocated government funds for training courses. Two million dollars in government funds were used for training programs. Ten million dollars were activated to create jobs for religious women.

In addition, Temech partnered with Bituach Leumi to provide soft skill training workshops, mentorship programs and networking opportunities.
Since then, the Israeli government has focused its efforts on initiatives for employing Orthodox men. Temech is currently lobbying the government to provide further funding for professional development for religious women.
Temech is grateful to the private foundations and individual philanthropists who continue to provide invaluable support:

Maks and Leah Rothstein Youth Charitable Youth Trust Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation LA Community Foundation Anonymous Foundation in Israel Fleicher Foundation JDC Jewish Women's Foundation New York and more.

Our Partners

Temech recruits and trains religious women for select companies throughout Israel in a variety of positions, ranging from entry level jobs to top managerial positions. These women have proven themselves as dedicated workers with a high degree of motivation, skills and ethical standards.
More than 5,000 jobs have been created with industry partners such as Intel, Migdal, Bezeq, IEC and other industry leaders.

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